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The Smart Way To Design Data Pipelines

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Rob Novotny, data analytics expert and Director Deloitte Omnia AI spoke with Promethium CEO & Founder Kaycee Lai about the real world problems his customers face every day and how smarter pipeline design can help.

Each year data and analytics teams spend thousands of hours on designing and managing data pipelines.  They are so busy that it's impossible do more!

A major cause is the need to move data first before knowing if the pipeline is correct.

The good news is that the problem can be prevented.  Kaycee and Rob share practical and easily achievable ways to make rapid data pipeline design and management possible, including:

  • New ways to think about ETL
  • Why most companies lack a comprehensive view of enterprise wide data
  • How you can make self service data a reality
  • Common problems with data analytics projects

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